Monday, November 21, 2005

Looking Back On The Last 6 Months

I am now officially 3 weeks away from my surgery date. Idecided to use this post to look back and reflect on some things from the last 6 months.

As much as I want gastric bypass, it didn't seem like I would ever get to this point. I have a surgery date that is fast approaching. My insurance company approved my having the surgery. The only thing looming over my head is loosing the damn 20lbs. that my surgeon told me to loose. At least the protein powders I am using for my pre-surgery diet are good.

Anyways, so back to reflecting. So many interesting things have happened during this journey. For example, a very entertaing nurse practitioner (see post 8.20.05) Don't get me wrong, she is very nice and a wonderful person. She takes her job very seriously. But, that day was one for the books.

Then there was the day I had to have my exercise stress test. OHMYGAWD did this suck. I totally though I was going to die. Sidenote: I went through chemo and radiation when I was 9. Because, of this my personal motto is: NOTHING IS WORSE THEN CHEMO. I have been proved wrong. My medicine induced exercise stress test was sooooo much worse.

As a girl well over 350lbs, I obvioulsy have major problems walking. So, when I went for the test I was given the choice of going on treadmil or have my heart rate induced with medicine while laying in a bed. I am sorry, but that was this fat girl's dream. Of course I chose to lay in the bed. BIG MISTAKE. Never take medicine to induce a natural state. OHMYGAWD. IT WAS BLOODY HORRIBLE. I even threw up. Oh yes, not pretty. But, all that is behind me.

The support group I go to is semi irritating because only 1-2 peolpe out of the 30 that go regularly have actually had WLS. All the others are either people waiting for their surgery date. Or the are just looking into having the surgery. Believe I think Attending a meeting while going through all the tests is very important. But, come on pre-ops want to talk to post-ops. I though this was common sense folks.


UNJURY protein powder in AMAZING. It can be ordered from the company website. The chocolate is amazing. Put in the blender with milk and Ice! Also, they make a strawberry powder that is specifically for use with water. Mix it with Lemonade Crystal Light. Soooo fabulous!

  • UNJURY Protein

  • Nectar is also good. The whole line is fruity flavors that are to be mixed with water. Dissolves very well. I recommed the Fuzzy Navel Flavor. For the adventurous, try mixing it in Raspberry Ice Crystal Ice. YUMMILICIOUS! You can order this line from The Vitamin Shoppe.

  • The Vitamin Shoppe

  • Time to do my 3 weeks till surgery happy dance.