Saturday, December 23, 2006

I am still obese... sweet!

I decided to find a BMI (Body Mass Index) Calulator and see where I stood. Wait a tick... I am standing right here.

So, of course I have to compare FAT GIRL to FORMER FAT GIRL. Here are the results...

FAT GIRL - Former Marla

5' 3"
BMI - 69.4 (uber/ super Morbidly obese)


5' 3"
BMI - 41.8 (Obese)

No more uber in my BMI classification. Sooo sad. I am still uber! Will always be uber! Just with a lower BMI. Marla is uber-ific! I have gone from wicked super duper fat to PHAT. Kickass! 106 lbs left to loose. Bring it on. I am so gonna get to goal. I rock!