Saturday, November 19, 2005


This is my first and only page in the journal I started when I decided to start looking into gastric bypass surgery.

So on Aug. 11, I had my “consult” with the surgeon. Well, I actually met with the nurse practioner. So, I found out I have to go for a bunch of tests. But, that is fine. I need to have an abdominal ultrasound, exercise stress test, blood work, nutritional consult, have a psych evaluation, attend 2 support group meetings, and attend an orientation session. The good news is that my therapist is going to do my psych evaluation. Yippee!! Anyways, I have to have all the above done before I meet with the surgeon Sept. 21. Wow. The orientation is Sept. 7. Hopefully, I will have my stress test and ultrasound that day too. Also, I will do my blood work that day too.

I have begun my journey. It is alittle hard to believe. I have appointments. This is really happening.

The Background Info

I wouldn't say I was always morbidly obese. I was a chubby kid. At approximately age 12 I was 140 lbs. I think I was approximately 50 lbs overweight. Thus began my debcle with weight.

I did Weight Watchers. And let me tell you it was not the point system that it is today. It was quite different. I went to weight loss camp for 6 years. Camp Kingsmont was actually a great place. However, they allowed skinny kids to go there to and they were vicious and made fun of the heavier kids. Which is quite ironic as it was WEIGHT LOSS CAMP!! Oh well, I was deffintely the Fat Camp Champ. Camp Kingsmont is now located at Hampshire College. (When I was a camper it was in West Stockbridge, MA on 220 acres of land with cabins.)

My last summer st Kingsmont was 1996. I was 16 that September was going to be a junior in high school. High scool it hard enough reagrdless of your size. But, I have fond memories of high school. I went to both my proms, was active in some clubs, and had/ have a kick ass group of friends. The latter of which I feel is the most important. And, I am quite fortunate that I am still friends with most of these amazing people.

Went off to college in the fall of 1998 and actually started to loose a bit of weight. I did wind up having breast reduction, because I couldn't deal with the size of my chest anymore, I was 300 lbs and a 44 G. Not fun, trust me. Transferred schools for fall of 2000. I must say that between the 2 colleges I attended, I blossomed. College was good for me. And, I did well.

I graduated with my BFA in visual arts, got a job in NYC, was laid off due to lack of work, and now I am eagerly awaiting my gastric bypass surgey and the start of the next phase of my life.

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