Thursday, October 12, 2006

Disney World

The fam & I went to Disney World the week of Labor Day in September. We went in celebration of my weight loss (so far). I weighed 260lbs at the time of the trip, I think!

Of course I decide 2 days before we leave that I am going to use the bathroom on the plane... just to see if I fit. Why not, right? I had used the bathroom on a greyhound bus summer of 2005 & I almost got stuck in the doorway and I went in sideways!

So the day comes to go to Disney. We board the plane and guess what... Marla didn't need a seatbelt extender! I could pull that belt so that there was a bit of a tail! I didn't need it pulled all the way open. Halfway thru the flight I of course have to go potty. I walk down the aisle to the bathroom... Oh, yeah... I didn't bang against arm rests as I walked by. Not only did I fit in the bathroom, I had enough room to turn around and do a happy dance!!! It was soooo cool!

My buddy Paula knew I was planning on seeing if I could fit into the plane bathroom. So of course, I had to call her as soon as I got off the plane & tell her the good news! Nothing like good times on the phone with Paula!

So Disney rocked! I fit on every ride I wanted to go on! I am sooo a ride person & it had been so long. And I was able to walk... we walked miles each day. I am not saying it was totally easy as I am still heavy - But it was sooooo doable. It was hot & humid & I loved it. I was walking, sweating, having a blast, and just being me! I was living again! It was such a great trip. The new Aerosmith Rocking Rollercoaster - Rocked my world!

Of course on the flight home I used the plane bathroom too, just for kicks!

So behind...

So even though I have been blogging, I neglected to post on some big things. How did that happen? Can I blame the gallbladder and the percocet?