Friday, January 13, 2006

Back & 12 lbs. Lighter

Howdie y'all. I am back!! The last 2 weeks have been insanely bizarre! But, nonetheless amazing!! As, you all know I had my surgery on 1.3.05. I am almost 2 weeks post-op, yipppeeeee!!!! Sorry, I haven't posted in awhile. But, I was staying with my parents @ a family friends house in New Jersey. I had my surgery done in Manhattan. But, now I am home in Massachusetts!! Oh so exciting!!

The surgery went well, I guess. It was done laproscopically. There was a 10% chance my surgeon was going to have to perform an open. HE DIDN'T. It took 5.5 hours because of the size of my liver. I didn't loose all the weight my surgeon wanted me to. He took his time and was very slow and cautious. But, he told my parents and I the surgery would be about 4 hours. No one came out to tell my parents that it would be longer. Needless, to say my parents thought I had died or I was being sliced like a fish!

I spent 4 hours in recovery. My back hurt so bad I thought I was going to be paralyzed. And, I was so nauseas. I have had numerous operations and never had a reaction like this. I was transferred to my room at about 10:15pm. At which point I told my nurse I wanted to get up and go for a walk. She looked at me funny & told me that I didn't have to get up that night. I told that I wanted to get up and walk. And, I did. It felt wonderful.

I was discharged Thursday 1.5.06 and went down to South Jersey to recuperate. Monday 1.9.06, I had my one week follow-up appointment. All went well. I was down 12 lbs. I was slightly dehydrated and couldn't start pureed foods until I could get all my fluids in. This has been a big challenge. I haven't been in my own house. Was unable to create my own schedule. So I have been pushing protein shakes & fluids. By Sunday I will fully be doing pureed foods.

Starting weight - 392 lbs
Weight @ surgery - 380 lbs
1.9.06 - 368 lbs

P.S. As of 5pm Friday 1.13.05, I am back home. Love being back in my parent's house!!!!