Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma!

I have been debating on writing this post. Not sure whether I wanted to our not. For those of you who actually have the pleasure of knowing me...You know there is a lot of stuff I am just starting to share. So, with that in mind I thought this post might be therapeutic for me!

Tuesday June 13, 2006 would have been my grandmother's 83rd birthday. She died one month before I turned 15 in 1995. Not the best thing to happen me freshman year @ MHS. Anyways, my grandma and I were incredibly close. She was my best friend. She was the only person I ever really felt understood me. You'll will understand more as you keep reading. Don't worry Molly, you have always been and will always be my other half!! But, it was just different with my grandmother.

She died from breast cancer that spread. What made it worse for me was the fact that she too went through chemotherapy & radiation treatment. Although our illnesses were different we had to have the same treatment. This made us that much closer. When she died, I couldn't handle it and completely shut down. I call it my nervous breakdown. However, that might not be the best way to label it.

It was so much more then letting myself go. I shut down & shut off. It took time & therapy to be able to get my life back together. I will never get over the fact that my grandmother was taken away from me & I will always hold that grudge against gawd. However, I got my life back. My grandmother would have been so upset if she knew I was like that after she died. And, I so glad I am at the point I am at. Because, I know she is watching out for me & glowing with pride and happiness at how well her Marla is doing. I am now about to start crying... dang it.

Happy belated birthday dear sweet Gladys. I miss you lady but I know you are watching out for me every day. A million kisses!

Working Girl

I got a new job!!!! Wahoo. It was offered to me on Monday & I offically accepted the postition on Tuesday. It is for a non-profit in Boston. I will be contract for 4 months, then I will go full-time. I will be getting health benefits once I go full time. My Salary for full time employment is the same as I was making in NYC. Very exciting. This is really the year of the Marla. More good things to look forward too!

Fat School Graduate

So on Tuesday of this week I graduated from the 12 week Heart & Wellness gastric bypass follow up group. I earned that t-shirt. I am a little sad that I won't be at Shaughnessy on Tuesday mornings now. However, atleast I have my NOC meetings to look forward to with my girls!! I can't believe that July 3rd will be my 6 month anniversary. I never thought I would be doing as well as I am so soon. I feel great.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The Amazing Marla

I can perform magic. Seriously I can. I able to cross my legs. Either one of them. The last time I remember being able to cross my legs was at my bat-mitzvah when I was 12. I was sitting on the bimah at my temple during the reading of the torah. Funny story. Because, my legs were crossed you could see up my dress. So Rabbi Goldberg came over and told me I should uncross them. My mom mouthed that to me as well!

I can cross my legs again. Other magic tricks I can perform include:

• Adjusting the driver's seat in my car without stopping the car and opening the door

• Being able to pick up things that fall at my feet while driving without stopping the car and opening the door

• My thigh no longer touches the door while sitting behind the wheel of my car. In addition, I now fit on the seat

More good things to come. I can't wait. Bring'em on!

Random Lump = Cancer

This happened like 3 weeks ago, but it is still funny. Typical Marla being dumb behavior!! I submit the following story for your entertainment.

I was in bed trying to fall asleep. I wind up scratching an itch around the base of my neck. Well, I fell a huge lump. Me being me...I start to panic a little. I sit up and proclaim, "Holy shit, I have cancer!" I keep feeling the lump & pondering waking up my parents to take me to the ER @ Salem Hospital. I have my feet on the floor ready to go wake them up, when I decided to check out the other side. I have a lump there too. Then the light bulb goes off.... I HAVE COLLAR BONES! Silly Marla.

Run Marla Run

So, I ran the other day! Very weird. Fat people don't run & yet my 287 lb body was running. I was at the mall working the other day when the running took place. Long story short, I ran after a customer to suggest a product to him. So I suggested to the manager on that I would run after him. I took the product and off I went.

Not only was I running, I was running in my birkenstocks. Alas, I never found the guy. However, I ran like 200 feet and didn't pass out or run. Should I reiterate that fat people don't run. I was alittle out of breathe, but not huffing & puffing in a bad way. 911 did not need to be called and I was able to walk back to where I work! Go Marla!!!

Send happy vibes to Tamalamba

So my buddy Tammy is having surgery today @ NSMC... I am asking all of my readers to send happy, positive vibes to Tammy!!!
Good luck Tamalamba!!