Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's in a Name...

"O! be some other name: What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" ~William Shakespeare (Romeo & Juliet)

So, I have come to realize just how many nicknames I really have. My parents weren't into names that had built in variations - ie Michael (Mike). Marla is unique. And it suits me. Even with my middle name Erin. It works. I never really had nicknames growing up. The occasional Mar, but that was about it.

So I was thinking about all my nicknames the other day. I think it is great! I feel so loved that lots of different people have bestowed so many nicknames upon me.

Family nicknames... Marla Muffin, Marla herring (Thanks Grandpa), Bunny, Bubelah, Shanya Punim (pretty face), and of course - MIGGLAH! Ethan started calling me Migglah while I was in college. It stuck! It was originally spelled Miglah. I added the second g as a little silent tribute to Grandma Gladys. Cause she is always with me!

In some circles of friends I am... M - Dizzle 2 (Molly is M - Dizzle 1), M - Dawg, Mar, MarMar, Marlsie, Mo, Marla Mo, Mo Money, Thing 2 (Molly & Lucinda are both respectively Thing 1), Lovie, Sweetness, Sweet Cheecks, Schmoushie, Migglah

Within The Navel Orange Club (my local WLS girls) I am... Baby Orange or Princess Baby Orange

In The Neighborhood on LivingAfterWLS I am... Baby Goddess, Baby Girl, Marlotta, Chickie, Twinlet, Little One, MissMarla, Thing 2, Miss Fancy Panties

Camp Kingsmont Summer 1992... I inherited a nickname that I can't shake and I am rather proud of it actually. Every once in awhile it resurfaces for just the shear joy it brings. It was the start of the night time activity - All camp capture the flag..; boy vs. girls!

Well my friends and I were forming our plan on the main road. They were planning on going through the woods up to boys hill! I was gonna place myself where the main road and the rock/dirt road intersected. Off we went. At the last minute, I wanted to go into the woods too. And took off running to catch up with my friends. I tripped and fell and skidded accross and over the rocks. I sliced my legs good. i was more concerned with my bad arm. It was fine as I had been wearing my windbreaker!

My legs were gushing blood, so my counselor Steph took me to the infermary. Norma was concerned about my arm and deemed it fine but wanted me to ice it. Then she was about to let me go when i remembered I was gushing blood From my legs. She hadn't seen it! Well, that was fun. My fav. guy counselor Guffy was there too. He took one look at my legs and said, "Felldown what were you thinking." And it stuck... I am still called Felldown.

See Guffy knew my last name & well Felldown works. Marla Felldown. Trust me. Those of you that know my last name will agree. I was Marla Felldown or Fell down for 4 summers and Mom still says it to me sometimes! I love being me - Migglah Felldown!