Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Engagement Party Pics

Erin & Louie's Engagement Party 10.21.06 Peppercorn's Hicksville, New York

Alana & Tom

Alana & I

85% of the bridal party

The SUNY Purchase girls. Erin, Alana, & I

Louie, Tom, Ally, Me, Erin

Cassandra (Erin's baby sister)

John & I

Louie & I

Melissa (Erin's other sister), Me, Cassandra

Erin & I (what was I looking at)

Erin & I

The Cake - The filling was half chocolate pudding & half cannoli filling

Tom & I

The Groomsmen

October 24, 1992

Today is the 14th anniversary of my bat-mitzvah. Wowie Zowie.

My theme for my party was amusement parks. It was the best party ever. I loved the balloon arch. I think my friends & I inhaled a great deal of helium that night. There was a fortune teller and balloon artist for the cocktail hour. My parents got a band. It was just amazing. Maybe I wll post some pictures later!

The dress that I wore to temple was purple. The dress for my party was purple. I want to fit into these dresses again someday. I was 12.5 years old. 5 feet tall & 140 lbs. I am now 5'3 and my goal weight is 130 lbs... so it could happen!

I was in 7th grade at The Middle School. Jeremy was my boyfriend. We were together for a year and half. I loved The Grateful Dead (I guess some things don't change.) Molly was/ still is my bestest buddy. Suzanne and I shared a passion for white rubber mice named harry and a love of The Beatles. I wanted to be an animator for Disney, doing backgrounds and special effects animation. This is still my dream.

I guess time flies, but not everything changes. I used to fear change. I wanted everything to stay the same. Well, fortunately I enjoy change now. It can be hard. But, it is important. I am not the same Marla I was 14 years ago. Some things are the same. But, I grew up and learned to love myself. I am more happy now, then ever before. I believe that things I experienced in my past helped to make me the person I am today. I love the Marla that I am today. I would never want to trade back... but I respect who I was and the choices I made. We can not change the past... but we can learn from it to better our future.

Happy bat-mitzvah anniversay Marla. Look how far you have come. Your future is bright! I am sooo proud of you.