Monday, January 16, 2006

First Post-Op Weekend Back in the 'head

Saturday I didn't do to much as it was my first full day home and I was exhausted. I cleaned my room a bit and did the treadmill. I hung out with my brother as he is still on break from school. He goes back today. He is a junior in the film program @ Emerson. He has a kick ass apartment 4 blocks from campus. But, enough about that. What else did I do on Saturday? Oh, a family friend came over to see me. Good times. She had an open Gastric Bypass 2 years ago.

I had a very funny conversation with my mom. I was taking to her about the very thoughtful presents I had received including flowers, and my mom asked me if I had the surgery for the presents? Now I must say I am a JAP (Jewish American princess)! I am however a whole lot better with it then when I was younger. Although I am a JAP, I am no longer a spoiled brat. I told my mom that I did the surgery for me, but that presents are a nice bonus!!! Prior to surgery I had thought about the notion of getting presents. Who wouldn't? My mom & I had a good laugh with that!!

Sunday I didn't get up till noon (only 13 hours of sleep). Marla was exhausted! Did the treadmill. Hung out with my brother. Watched my mom bake and frost my brother's birthday cake. It didn't bother me at all. I know I can't eat it & that was fine. SHOCKING!!!! My brother is turning 21 on the 23. He will be in school for his birthday. Although Boston is only 30 minutes away, it was easier to celebrate will he was home on break. The big party will be in February when I can eat solid food. My parents are going to us to The Medieval Manor -Theater & Restaurant in Boston. So exciting. Since my birthday is 3 weeks after my brothers we will celebrate both.

We also went to see Spielberg's Munich! I thought it was brilliant. WOW...just WOW!! The actress who played Golda Meir was great. She really portrayed Golda's tough & compassionate persona! FYI: The actress who played Golda Meir was Miranda's housekeeper on Sex and the City!!!!

Today: Monday I am going with my dad to drop my brother off at his apartment. Then my dad and I are going to Costco and CVS so I get some stuff. I think we are going to go to the movies again tonight. Hopefully we will see either Casanova or Tristan & Isolde!! My family are big movie people. We were this way even before I brother became a film student!

'nuthin is worse then chemotherapy

So I came back home to Massachusetts on Friday afternoon. So great to be back home albeit my parent's house. But, I love my parents. I am truly lucky that my parents are also my friends. My parents are just so cool. Through this whole journey they have totally been supportive. Without them and my friends I don't know how I would have gotten through this.

The same holds true when I was 9 and did my stint with chemo & radiation. Gawd, chemo fucking sucks. Gastric Bypass is a breeze compared to chemo. Who wants toxins pumped into their body? I was walking skeleton. But, I must say I was truly beautiful bald. Thank god I didn't have cancer. I had/ have a rare benign tumor (Aggressive Fibromatosis). So rare there is no cure, just amputation of the limb. Radiation stopped it from growing and I still have my arm!! I was lucky!

Everyone said I was brave. I wasn't brave. I just wanted to get through it and past it. I am a big believer in facing challenges and working through them. In fact I love a good challenge. Believe me, I have had my fair share! My motto is suck it up and deal. Sometimes you just have to.

Well, now people are telling me that I am brave because I had Gastric Bypass. Doing what needs to be done, doesn't make me brave. Atleast not in my opinion. I needed help. I needed to do something. And I did.

'nuthin is worse then chemotherapy!!!!