Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My best friend's wedding

I was a bridesmaid in a very special wedding this past weekend. My best friend got married. I wish her and her husband nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness. They are perfect together and I love them both. I am so lucky that Mr. Husband and I are friends.

I danced the night and looked rather loverly in my bridesmaid gown. If not for my WLS, I never would have been able to be on my feet most of the day and dance too. It was a blast. And now it is time to finish what I started and get to goal!

I am back!

Former Fat Girl is back. The last 7 months have been insane. I missed blogging. Life happens and well I relized blogging is just another one of many creative outlets I have to get it all out there.

y'all come back now ya' hear!

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