Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gallbladder, what is it good for...

I now present my ramblings on my Gallbladder...

So I spent last Wednesday night at the emergency room. I was in major pain. I did for a short period of time think that I was was dying. Turns out it could be my gallbladder. I was given morphine & anti nausea stuff too. I have had 2 other episodes like this one. Fun fun.

Well my bloodwork & CT scan came back a bit inconclusive, but good. I meet with my surgeon tomorrow (9.20.06)! So far the doctors I have talked to seem to think it is my gallbladder based on all my symptoms. I still have discomfort amongst other things but not nearly as bad as last week. But, I really feel like something is wrong with my body.

I know I have gallstones. I had an abdominal ultrasound 9.05 as part of my pre-op testing and it showed I had gallstones. Well, I begged my surgeon in NYC to take out my gallbladder but he didn't think it was necessary. He didn't' put me on actigall after my surgery either. When I moved back home & wound up in the follow up program at Salem Hospital I found out that all of the patients get put on actigall for six months post-op to help prevent gallstones. But, since I already had gallstones I wasn't put on it. Wahooo. Wish me luck. Join me later when I fill you in on the excitement of my appointment with my surgeon.

The NYC Trip

So in the middle of August I went to NYC! I met up with 2 buddies from Purchase (The Leah's). To make this post easier When I refer to Leah, that is NY Leah. When I refer to Tex, that is Texas Leah. They are best friends and 2 of my closest friends from college.

So we decided on the NYC trip because Tex was taking the test to get into Med School & much celebrating would be in order after the test. So I went down on a Saturday morning. I met up with Leah @ the Hilton on sixth. From there we checked out the room & then went to get a bit to eat at the diner. We don't have diners in Massachusetts... So you can imagine that I get alittle excited for diner food. There is something magical about eating an egg white omelette with spinach & feta cheese in a NYC diner.

So after food, We headed over to Fifth ave. Marla needed to get a bag & we wanted to go to St. Pat's Cathedral. I had to go see my bag guy. But, I didn't really like his stuff. So I found the better guys & found me an off the truck Christian Dior Bag for $60. It is a candy apple red doctor style bag... kinda sorta. I love it.

Then Leah & I went to St. Pat's Cathedral. neither one of us had been. We lit candles & looked around. The architecture is amazing. I love cathedrals! The place is massively huge!

We then went to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). Of course I dragged Leah to the Dada exhibit. Kurt Schwitters rocks my world. Then there is my love of LHOOQ, the piece Marcel Duchamp did of the Mona Lisa with a moustache. Good stuff, good times. We then went back to the Hilton to shower & relax.

Since we were upgraded to the concierge floor, we decided to check out the cocktail hour. They had appetizers, so we had a nosh (snack in yiddish). Then hung out in the room & waited for Tex. I hope she passed her test. Anyways, after a bit of relaxing Tex showed up, We finished getting ready & then we went out. We went Over to the Heartland Brewery @ the Empire State Building... but they stopped serving food and it was only 10:45pm. So we walked over to Stout by Penn Station. They had good stuff & they were playing great music. After Stout, we went to Siberia. A hole in the wall bar. A total dive. I felt sooo cool being there. I loved it.

We then called it a night. We needed to be weel rested as we were doing brunch at Lips the next day. Lips is the drag restaurant in the village that we used to go to a great deal. We all became pretty friendly with the Drag Queens there. One of my buddies works there so we went to see him. Good times were had by all. The last time I was at Lips was a month before surgery. So it was so great seeing my buddies who hadn't seen me since surgery.

Going to NYC again in January with Leah & Tex for my 1 year suriversary. We are doing 3 broadway shows & Lips wahoooo! Can't wait to have that frozen cosmo. Well, 5 sips of it cause I will never be able to drink a whole one again...tooo darn large!

And now for the other stuff. I took Greyhound Buslines there and back... I fit in one seat. We walked all over & I was fine. I felt like I belonged in NYC. I fit into the small booth @ the diner. While eating I got ketchup on my shirt. We were only a block away from the hotel, so I told Leah I was gonna change and would meet her at the bank across the street. I never would have done the extra walking before no matter how short a distance even to change my shirt. Too much effort. But, this time it was just second nature... I am gonna run & change my shirt. It was sooo great!