Sunday, April 22, 2007

Voting starts May 2nd

Erin is one of my bestest friends. She is amazingly talented and I love her dearly. She can win this.

In case you forget Erin is a songwriter and submitted her song CLOSE to the American Idol Songwriter competition... The song with the votes will be sung by the American Idol winner!

Voting starts May 2nd...

If you haven't already registered to vote - please go to and register to vote - you will then be emailed a reminder when voting starts on May 2nd... then cast your vote ~ CLOSE BY ERIN MICHELLE KUCH

I am asking you to vote for .... CLOSE BY ERIN MICHELLE KUCH

To hear Close and other songs got to... Erin's Myspace Music Page ~

Is it My Fault - is my fave!!!!

Erin can win this - let's help push CLOSE over the edge with votes... Get the word out there.

Thanks y'all!