Sunday, January 01, 2006


It's gonna be a happy New Year. It is the year of Marla. I can not wait till Tuesday!!! Well, let me share with you how I spent my New Year's Eve.

I was alone in my place in Manhattan, CLEANING!!! I was supposes to go to a friend's party out on Long Island but I canceled that. Too much to do before surgery on Tuesday!! I dumped 14 bag of trash!! I now have a floor again. It is very exciting!!!

I watched the ball drop on TV. I couldn't watch Dick Clark. I feel so bad for him having that stroke. His speech isn't 100% yet, and watching him just made me sad. So I watched my favorite TV guy, REGIS PHILBIN!!! It was a very exciting 1.5 hours with Regis!!

I had an epiphany at about 11:45 pm last night. I was in Manhattan, 10 blocks away from where the ball drops in Times Square & I was watching this on TV. It made me chuckle and smile. The bonus was I had access to a bathroom. And was warm.

The rules for New Year's Eve in Times Square:

Once you go through security you can not leave your section for any reason and come back!! You are stuck.

No alcohol

People started going through security at 1:30 in the afternoon. There are no port -a-potties. The is way to long for me to be without and be standing in out spot freezing cold. Hence, I watched it on TV.

My next post will include my resolutions for the New Year! To tired to do it now. I hope everyone has a fantabulous & healthy 2006.