Thursday, September 21, 2006

The list

So knowing I am going to have my gallbladder out got me thinking about all my other surgeries I have had in my 26 years on this planet!

1984 (4 yrs.) - Eye surgery. Had a mucle cut in my right eye I think. So it wouldn't turn in as much!

1985 (5 yrs.) - Tonsils & adenoids removed. Ear tubes put in.

1989 - 1991 - (9-11 yrs.) - Numerous operations on my right arm, due to my tumor!

1991 (11 yrs.) - My port for chemotherapy is removed.

1996 (16 yrs.) - Scar tissue removed from my elbow

1999 (19 yrs.) - Breast Reduction

2002 (22 yrs.) - Wisdom teeth removed

2006 (26 yrs.) - Gastric Bypass

2006 (26.5 yrs.) - Upcoming gallbladder removal

That is a pretty big list. Oh well! Nuthin' is worse then Chemo!!!!

I'm coming out - as sung by Marla's Gallbladder

Howdie this is Marla's gallbladder writting to you.

Marla had her appointment with Dr. B. yesturday. Well, since I (Marla's gallbladder) am sick... I will be coming out! Dr. B.
thinks the issues with Marla are either gallbladder/ stones, a internal hernia, or a combination plate of the 2 - without the rice & eggroll! So Dr. B. is going to remove me from Marla's body & while he is in there he will check her insides (around the site of her GB) for hernias & if there are any, he will repair them!

Hopefully, I will be coming out next week. Marla is waiting to hear back from Nancy with the date and time of her surgery. She should know by the end of the week. I will make sure that Marla keeps y'all updated with all the details about my removal! Marla is glad Dr. B. is able to repair her! And she is happy that Dr. B. is confident that all can be repaired laproscopically!

Although, surgery is second nature to Marla @ this point in her life she is still just a wee bit nervous. She knows
that it is routine & she will be fine... I keep reminding her that nothing is worse then chemotherapy! I, the gallbladder of Marla will find a way to cheer her up! Don't worry about her, we have it under control!

Anyways, I should end this as Marla doesn't know I am using her laptop and she can get vicious when she gets mad!


GOM - Gallbladder of Marla