Sunday, May 28, 2006

Quarters, Raspberry Sherbert, & Dancing Monkeys

The weather today was fantabulous. I was able to leave work early and truly enjoy the beautiful weather. I had made plans with Ethan (my brother) to go to The Willows and frolic! I love it there. It is just so much fun! And now that I weigh significantly less, it is far more easier to frolic!

Loads of quarters were spent in the arcade. The arcade is my favorite place to be at The Willows! I am big fan of rideable video the ones were you are skiing. Well, let's just say that it is so much easier to do these. Also, I am able to fit in the seats for the race car ones!! YIPPPEEEE!!!

I am so happy. I can't wait to go tot Canobie Lake this summer. I haven't had an amusement park fix in years. I have been way to heavy to go on rides. But, not this summer. I can go on roller coasters again. YIPPPEEEE!!! Anyways, so Ethan & I did a bunch of video games, the motion simulator ride, pin ball, and some games where you win tickets!! Good times.

The Dancing Monkey thing is the best. You put in a quarter and the monkeys in the box dance. THEY ARE NOT REAL MONKEYS! Some play little instruments too. I have always loved this. When I was little I used to dance when the monkeys danced. We danced together. Well today a little girl & her parents were dancing with the monkeys. Ethan & I did too, on the sidelines. So much fun!

I wanted to go on the carousel, however Ethan did not. I also forgot how little it was. But, it would have been fun. Oh well, I will go on the one at Canobie Lake! I did get some raspberry sherbert. I got a kiddie size cup and didn't even eat a quarter of it. Thankfully Ethan finished it along with his popcorn. The sherbert was so good. It didn't cause me to dump either...BONUS!!! It was nice to have something frozen and sweet while at The Willows! I never would have gotten sherbert before. I would have gotten ice cream with stuff it and jimmies. However, I definitely can't eat more then a bite of that now. That is fine, because I am looking so good. Can't wait to go back to The Willows. Maybe during the Week!

The physics of my bum!

I have come to the conclusion that my bum has dropped. I know that you are asking yourself, "what on earth is Marla talking about?" Allow me to explain.

My bum used to be a whole lot larger then it is presently & used to be halfway up my back!

I know this because I could get away with wearing pants with an average inseam...cause my bum filled up so much of them. I can't do that anymore because I have far less bum. Also, my bum has dropped into the location of where it should be normally. Very exciting. I don't have as much junk in my I am not as high up when I sit. For example, my mom is 2 inches taller then me; however when seated I was taller then her due to all the junk in my trunk. Hence, my bum has dropped.

I am greatly enjoying this. Pants fit the way they should. Low rise jeans land where they should, because my bum dropped. I am loving this although it is still rather bizarre! But, hey my bum dropped into place so I can't really complain!