Thursday, April 12, 2007

Help me to help Erin - She can win this..

I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this for Erin - one of my bestest friends!

She just submitted a song to the American Idol Songwriting competition.

The winner of AI 2007 will sing the song w/ the most votes on the season finale.

Erin is one of my bestest friends - we went to SUNY Purchase together! And I love her dearly! She has busted her arse for the last 2.5 years touching up her cd. I did her cd cover - I am her graphic designer!

I realize that asking most of you to do anything related to american idol equates sacrificing your first born to the devil, but think about it this way well y'all are friends with me and Erin is my friend and you may not know her - but she rocks!... She can win this! Do it for me!

I am humbly asking if y'all will please register to vote on and vote for Erin Michelle Kuch's song "close."

Spread the word to your family, your friends, your enemies, and your co-workers.

Most of us who know Erin believe that Erin's true calling in life is her songwriting. Well, now's crunch time.

Please, Please, Please!

Thanks in advance.

P.S Check out Erin's Myspace Music Page to hear some of her stuff and see the album cover I did for Beneath the Curtain - her cd!

Will I ever reach my goal?

I feel so frustrated!!! I feel Like a big fat failure!!! WTF!!!!!

MOST of my surgery buddies have reached their goal weights and I am super duper happy for them. But, it makes me alittle sad that I still have so far to go. . I try to remind myself that I weighed 392 lbs pre - op and most of my friends were never that heavy and I can't compare myself to other WLS people - hell I can't comapre myslef to other people! I am me and I love me! But, I want to be me at goal!!!!

I want to be successful with my WLS!!! I think part of me thought I would get to my goal in one year - but loosing over 200 lbs in one year was/ is unrealistic. I lost 144lbs in my first post - op, that is amazing. Why is that not good enough? I know why I got fat in the first place and am working on my inner demons with my therapist - I am starting to feel whole again and like the Marla I was before igot sick and my grandmother died - I am becoming me again! Like coming home again! I am happy. I am just scared that I won't reach my goal. Will it ever happen for me. I am doing my aprt and working with my tool. There is always room for improvement . I have the power to make my dreams come true and I didn't have this surgery to be satisfied with where I am - I WILL REACH MY GOAL!!!!!!

Still Here...

I used to blog all the time - WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED????

There is lots to catch up on. My life is like a whirlwind sometimes and very calm others. Ethan is graduating college next month. How is that possible. I remember the day he was born and what I was doing like it was yesterday!

I have lost a butt load of weight and look and feel completely different. Of course - I am still Marla and there are people and things that piss me off - But i am still happy. And enjoying living life. This is one crazy rollercoaster that I am not getting off. They will have to pry the safety bar from my cold dead hands!

I need to be posting more regularly with what is going on in my life!!!!! There is lots. Look for another post tonight! I am going to try to post everyday. I need a place to ramble. Does anyone actually read Former Fat Girl - or am I just talknig to myslef. Oh well, I am good at keeping myself entertained.

I see my surgeon next week for follow - up for gastric bypass and gallbladder removal. _ One year and 3 months post - op - when did that happen? Will I ever get to goal, yes. Gosh it is so damn frustrating. But, having been 392 lbs - I can't expect it to happen over night.