Thursday, December 29, 2005

Things that make you go hmmm.

So my surgery is scheduled for Tuesday (5 days away). I am down 12 lbs. My surgeon wanted me to loose 20-25lbs. Since he has office hours tomorrow, that means I get to call him bright and early in the morning. They way I see it is this I can definitely loose 3 pounds by Tuesday. However if I am doing clear liquids for 48 hours prior to surgery and a bowel prep wouldn't that give me another 2 lbs at least??

Which would be about a 5 lbs and a net loss of 17 lbs. Hopefully, I am correct in my thinking! If not, my surgery will be in 2-3 weeks which isn't so bad. I am so close. I know that either way it will definitely be happening this month. I am SO excited. I truly can not wait to start my new life.

New motto that is getting me through:

If it was easy for me to loose weight, I wouldn't have considered having Gastric Bypass.

And my personal motto:

I am the strongest person I know!

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