Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The things I say

Well, my epiphany today was that as of now, I have probably lost a seventh grader. I think 93 lbs = a seventh grader. If I loose all the weight that I want to, either 250 lbs or 270 lbs... I will be loosing a morbidly obese person. That is f 'ing insane! I will shed a morbidly obese person at the end of all this madness. Silly Marla.


Chloe said...

That's impressive! But remember, not everyone who weighs 250-270 is unhealthy or obese. You could also be losing:

A pro or college basketball player (center/power forward) or football player

An adult jaguar, cheetah, dolphin, llama, grizzly or black bear

Two fashion models (110-125 lbs each) and a toddler

Me holding a five-year-old

My desk at my old job

I could keep going, but you get the point. You've lost quite a bit already, you're feeling healthier and more energetic, and you have a lot of people who are very proud of you!

Marla said...

Thanks Chloe...I didn't think of it that way!!