Sunday, November 27, 2005

Survived Thanksgiving

I survived Thanksgiving. I tried to plan my portions in advance and tried to pretend I had already had my surgery. I did much better then Thanksgivings of the past. I feel better prepared for next year.

I had my mom make Kaye’s recipe for pumpkin & apple soup. My mom & I love pumpkin. So we have had pumpkin soup numerous times before. This was a great variation / addition to our Thanksgiving. Also, my mom makes a killer pumpin butterscotch cake. Well, this year I had her make it with splenda. Not perfect, but a step in the right direction. Next, year I will do Kaye’s pumpkin pie.

Oh, I didn’t eat all the stuffing this year. I am a sucker for my mom’s stuffing. She does whole wheat bread & mushrooms. But, I was careful this year. Which feels quite great.

I have all my pre-op stuff @ the hospital on Tuesday. I am starting to get nervous. Almost @ the 2 week point. Oy Vey!!! I think am only nervous about losing the 20 lbs. I feel it looming over my head. I do my best, but is that every really good enough? Sometimes yes, gawd I want this so bad. I don’t want the staff to tell me, “Oh sorry you didn’t loose the 20lbs, We are gonna have to reschedule you surgery.” I would die. That would be the worst. I want this more then anything. I am so close, I can smell it. I enjoy that expression. Gawd, just let this happen for me!

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