Friday, June 02, 2006

The Amazing Marla

I can perform magic. Seriously I can. I able to cross my legs. Either one of them. The last time I remember being able to cross my legs was at my bat-mitzvah when I was 12. I was sitting on the bimah at my temple during the reading of the torah. Funny story. Because, my legs were crossed you could see up my dress. So Rabbi Goldberg came over and told me I should uncross them. My mom mouthed that to me as well!

I can cross my legs again. Other magic tricks I can perform include:

• Adjusting the driver's seat in my car without stopping the car and opening the door

• Being able to pick up things that fall at my feet while driving without stopping the car and opening the door

• My thigh no longer touches the door while sitting behind the wheel of my car. In addition, I now fit on the seat

More good things to come. I can't wait. Bring'em on!


Tom said...
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one4JC said...

My sister also had the GB surgery over 5 years ago. She has run into an iron problem of some sort that has been linked to the GB.

She did document it somewhere in the blog. If you check her profile you can contact her via email if your interested in finding out more.

one4JC said...

Oh and congrats on your success!

Kaye Bailey said...

That's AWESOME Marla! You have many more great moments ahead of you!

The Catapillar said...

You are Amazing! these are tricks that are not easy and once accomplished a joy to repeat over and over again! I know I set awe in the eyes of my friends and co-workers when I perform these tasks. :)