Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have always had trouble accepting compliments. In my head, it is almost like I don't deserve them. Or, I don't believe the person. I am but, a humble person. And, as much as I love being the center of attention, it is the accepting of compliments that has always been hard for me. Those of you that know me off the computer... know what I mean. You know that I am not fishing for compliments, but am actually rather taken by surprise at the compliment being givien in my direction. It is something that I have always been aware of & am working on it.

I am in a unique situation where, I am getting them alot. I look completely different. I am learnnig to smile and say thank you & then tell the person what their words mean to me. This approach seems to be working. I am learning that I do deserve the compliments and kind words being given to me. I have always been a sincere, genuine, honest person. So, that part is natural. I appreciate everyone's kind words and compliments.

I thought I would share some of the more entertaining compliments I have received recently.

En route to New Jersey for my Grandpa's birthday party the begining of October, my father told me the following... We were leaving a rest stop on the turnpike & I was walking in front of my parents. My dad walked up to me and said, "Marla, your bum has gotten so much smaller that I can't really recognize you from the back anymore!"

At my Grandpa's birthday party, my aunt (Grandpa's sister) looked at me from across the table at the restaurant and said, "It is so nice to see that your neck has returned." I love that my aunt tells it like it is.

The following comments are from my myspace page in reaction to the following brand new picture

Friend from High School - "skinny ass'd ho :-P "

Friend from College - "omg i didn't recognize you you look great!!!!!!!!!!!! skinny minny! "

And last but not least, my buddy Jake - "Good thing the tits are still rocking." Jake, my dear I love you!

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